College Admissions

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What is Vince's consulting style?

What is included in Vince's hourly consulting?

If we agree to work together, Vince will help you with

What counts as billable time? 

Vince does not charge for short, schedule-related emails. Any take that takes more than five minutes and requires Vince's deep concentration is billable. This may include  

NOTE: As noted here, I require clients to use Google Docs. Avoiding email attachments allows me to work from anywhere and help you when time is of the essence. Please read more to understand how I use cloud-based solutions with clients 

Together, we will




What is the price of Vince's hourly consulting?

Can I get a refund? 

Refunds can be issued as follows:

When is Vince available? 

What is the next step?

Thank you and best wishes for your success!