How to Write Your HBS Post-Interview Reflection 

Congratulations on your HBS interview invitation! Not sure how to write your HBS Post-Interview Reflection (PIR)? 

First, I suggest you watch this short video:

HBS says, “You've just had your HBS interview.  How well did we get to know you?” As part of the application process, you will be required to complete a Post-Interview Reflection. Here are a few details:

(original source materials found at; accessed 2018/04)

Vince tips: My best clients treat the PIR like a thank you email they would send after a job interview. They keep their PIR to one page (450 words or less). Why so short? Just as you will need to be concise in case discussions, you must be concise, now. Show good judgment because that is what leaders do. And we know HBS cares about leadership :) 

One possible structure: Two + One

Two things that went well

+ One thing that could’ve gone better

• I wish I had done a better job of explaining C 

• I wish we had more time to discuss C

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