Why we use Google Docs

I prefer using Google Docs to Microsoft Word for application materials because it is

      • Synchronized – Google syncs with your computer and all mobile devices

      • Efficient – saves time since we no longer need to download, "save as" a new version, and upload Microsoft Word files across multiple devices

      • Always up to date – minimizes the chance that either of us will misplace a file, leave the latest copy on another computer, or review an old version instead of the latest update

      • Accessible – all your files become available on the web (but you control who can view them)

      • Mobile-enabled – using the Google Drive mobile application, you can read, comment upon, and edit your files from your smartphone or tablet

      • Helpful – Google automatically messages both of us when comments have been replied to and/or open issues have been resolved

  • Google Docs is superior to Microsoft Word because Google automatically messages both of us when comments have been replied to and/or open issues have been resolved

  • While we are brainstorming and organizing ideas, other than your resume, which should remain in MS Word, please combine all application materials into one (1) single document that includes your

  1. application data form short answers (answers to strategically important short answer questions asked in online applications)

  2. essay(s)

  3. recommendation letters (if available)

  • When it comes time to apply, you can remove the recommendation letters (if available) and share them with your recommenders for uploading via the online application page provided by schools

  • If you have any questions, please let me know in a session

  • I have used Google Docs with clients for more than 10 years

  • Once they get used to it, many clients tell me they prefer it, as well

  • I hope you agree

How we will use Google Docs

  • I do not want to spend your valuable session time managing multiple attachments

  • Therefore, please combine everything except your resume into a single Google Docs file

  • Share that file with Vince at his vince@vince email address

  • Depending on your goals for the session, Vince may need to spend the first minutes of our session reading your materials

  • If I receive your materials 24 hours before our session, I will read and comment within our shared file

  • If not, I will spend the first 10 + minutes of our session reading and commenting

  • Either way, I will track my time

How to share Google Docs files with Vince

  • When you want Vince to check something, please copy and paste the URL and share it with Vince via email. The URL of your file does not change, even if you make changes to it.

  • Also, you do NOT need to create new versions of your files when you update them. Unlike MS Word, Google Docs remembers all of your past changes (please see https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2409045).

  • Therefore, you can keep updating the same file without creating a new one every time. Doing so saves time and minimizes confusion by helping ensure that Vince always checks your latest version.

  • When it comes time to update your file, you can simply delete the old version and write a new one in place of it. If you ever need to check or revert to earlier file versions, please click this link https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/9308971?hl=en.

  • If you have questions, please ask Vince in a session.

  • Most of all, I look forward to reading your files.