Vince helped me strengthen my essays by making them more concise and clear. Not only giving advice that other people might offer, Vince kindly provided creative ideas to make my essays stand out. His creativity helped me through interview mock sessions. He was dedicated to asking questions that are not on my prepared question lists to accurately find out my weaknesses regarding interviews, which helped me realize where I should prepare more. His friendly and positive atmosphere helped me go through the demanding and high-stakes process of applying to MBA programs. I am glad that I was able to gain admission to my dream school, thanks to Vince. – HBS MBA Class of 2022 

I worked with Vince throughout my entire application process, starting from brainstorming, writing essays, tailoring my application package, and interview practice.

A year ago, when I decided to apply for business school, I was a mile late in the game. Many applicants had already spent time with consultants for a year or had MBA holders advise them daily; whereas, I was still learning about the programs. I wanted somebody who would be my coach with adequate knowledge in the game, my professional partner with full commitment, and my torch, guiding me throughout the dark woods of graduate school applications. 

Over the time I worked with Vince, he has never failed to surprise me. He is motivated, honest, and above all, a true educator―a believer in the power of education. I thank Vince for motivating me to handle eight schools at the same time; without Vince, I would have given up before reaching the mountain top. Above all, I recommend Vince’s capacity to blend the analytical mindset and the artistic flavor into the entire application package. I, myself, being an enthusiast of storytelling and creative writing, I wanted somebody who could help me weave my passion into my stories without rendering it a fairy tale. If you are passionate about delivering your life stories and mission to the admissions clearly and effectively, Vince will help you hit home runs every time at-bat. 

Future challengers, good luck, hopefully with Vince! – Stanford GSB/ Wharton admit, Class of 2022

I worked with Vince to prepare for my Wharton interview and team-based discussion (TBD), and his assistance was invaluable.

Firstly, Vince is an incredibly kind individual, and you can tell that if he is working with you, it is because he believes in you and is interested in your story. A lot of the interview process is about believing in yourself and your ability to contribute something unique to your class, and Vince was able to pinpoint my “selling points” as a candidate and give me the confidence to sell myself.

Secondly, Vince knows the interview process inside out. Vince helped guide me through what would happen on the day. This may sound like something small but in a high-pressure situation having worked through my TBD pitch and potential interview questions knowing I had these down, so to say, really helped calm my nerves and allowed me to present my best self at the interview. 

Thirdly, as someone who went to university and went through the job interview process in the UK and South Africa, Vince gave me the confidence to approach the interview with a more “American style.” Thanks to his expert coaching, I could boldly express myself in the one-on-one conversation and, ultimately, gain admission. 

In my opinion, it is the small things that make the difference between a good TBD interview and a great one. Vince’s input helped me to excel. I know many potential candidates are concerned about the mountings costs of the application itself, flying to the interview location. Then the cost of the MBA itself and you may be weighing whether a consultation with Vince is worth it. Rest assured, it is! We all want to get into our first choice program, and every applicant is exceptional - I think Vince’s insight can make the difference and ensure you shine on the all-important interview day.

– Wharton MBA Class of 2022

I worked with Vince for my entire application process. I decided to work with him not only because he has excellent results over the years but also because he values quality above all else. If you have specific schools that you are eager to get into, Vince is the right person to contact. He knows what to do and how to do it.

Although I started working with Vince in early November, I spent almost 50 hours working with him. In addition to the regular two hours session every Sunday, he helped me a lot in the last minutes in the process, including interview training. He tried hard to know me very well and taught me how to show my strength in the limited space in the applications. 

The application process was a black box, so I became nervous countless times, but every time after talked with Vince, I got confidence and motivation to move forward. He had been a great coach throughout the process. Having a reliable coach close to me was very important to me. 

Thanks to Vince, I got admitted to my dream school. I believe the best thing I did in the process was that I decided to work with him. Thank you again, and I am glad to be an alumni member of VincePrep! – Columbia MBA Class of 2022