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A Flat-fee Package for Those Who are Ready for Vince's Unlimited Professional Support 

Exclusive service only for the best prospects aiming for the top schools


Since 2002, I have been one of the world's most in-demand and successful graduate admissions consultants

What is Vince's consulting style?

What is included in Vince's Premium Service?

If we agree to work together, Vince will help you 




How will I know that I'm ready to work with Vince?

What is Vince's suggested best method for completing written application materials?

How long will it take me to finish my first application?

It can take anywhere from four to sixteen weeks to complete your first application

How much time you need usually depends on four factors:

1. How deeply you have thought about why you need an MBA  

2. How quickly you outline and write essays 

3. How much time you can spend thinking and writing

4. How well you balance input from friends, family, mentors, advisers, alumni, and other stakeholders

To how many schools can I apply?

What if I fail to complete my application process within the period covered by our agreement?

Are there any limitations to Vince's Premium Service? 

Can Vince help me apply to other graduate schools beyond MBA programs? 

Will Vince help me edit?

Can I work with Vince on my video essays? 

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What is the price of Vince's Premium Consulting?

Rates for clients in Japan, including Japanese Consumption Tax

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