MBA consulting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Thank you for your interested in my service. As a first step, please watch this short video, where I explain my background and counseling style. 

APPLICANT: What are your strengths and weaknesses as an admissions consultant?

VINCE: Passion is my greatest strength. It is also my greatest weakness.


APPLICANT: What is your cancellation policy?

APPLICANT: Is there a penalty I change a face-to-face counseling session to a Skype, phone, or email session at the last minute?


APPLICANT: Can I send Vince materials to read on the day of our session?

VINCE: Yes, but if you do, please give me 10 minutes to review your materials before calling me.

Here are the details of my 10-minute rule:

How should I share my written application materials with Vince? 

Thank you and best wishes for your success!