Watch sample interviews

First, here is a playlist of sample interviews from my clients plus others produced by ZoomInterviews 


Years ago, a client asked me to create a video showing a successful model of effective MBA interview responses to typical questions. Here it is, Hiro. Sorry it took so long!

Kellogg Interview: Part I

I asked my former client some typical interview questions including: Why MBA? Why now? Why Kellogg? Here are the answers that got him admitted.

Kellogg Interview: Part II

In the second part of our mock interview training session, Kaz answers some "behavioral questions" that dig into what he thought, felt, said, and did during his past professional projects. We also practiced typical closing questions like "tell me something else I should know" and final Q&A with the interviewer.



I asked one of my HBS admitted clients a slightly modified list of the questions he answered at his actual Harvard interview. Here are the answers that got him admitted. In this first of three sections, he discusses his motivations for MBA and HBS. Please note - HBS adcoms do not usually start interviews by saying, "walk me through your resume." Why? They have already read your entire application. Still, in the case of this mock interview, we decided to start that way to give viewers a general introduction to the applicant and set the context for follow-up questions and answers.


In the second of three sections, he discusses his perspectives on Japanese trading companies, his goals, his personal weakness, and his potential contributions to the HBS community. Please watch.


Future Plans, Academic Concerns, "Anything else?"

In this third and final section of our mock HBS interview, my client answers questions related to his future plans at his company, his academic skills, and his test scores. HBS adcoms can sometimes try to make applicants defensive during interviews. I think my client did a decent job of answering the questions without taking them personally. Finally, he answers the famous "anything else?" or "surprise me" question that often comes at the end of an HBS interview.   

We hope you find these videos useful. Please feel free to send comments or inquiries to interviews_at_vinceprep_dot_com. Thank you for your time and interest.

Information is subject to change. Please verify all data with the schools.