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Frequently asked questions

  • How can Vince help me get admitted?
  • What are Vince's client results and testimonials?
  • How can I arrange an initial consultation
  • How many hours do I need?
  • How much will it cost?
  • When can I secure Vince's time - 2014 schedule and black out days?
  • Vince answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about his service
  • How long will it take me to finish my first application?
  • What is your process for completing each application task?
  • How should I share my application materials with Vince?
  • Vince Admissions is a highly successful admissions consultancy that incorporates my professional training and 20-year experience in critical thinking, storytelling, and instructional design
  • My mission is to provide the best possible advice and support to clients around the world as they apply to top MBA and graduate programs
  • Since 2002, I have helped over 500 clients get admitted to the world’s top MBA, LL.M., and other graduate programs
  • I focus on school selection strategy, application essays, and interview training
  • I work with a limited number of clients each year in order to maintain the high quality of my service
  • I am based in Tokyo, Japan (September - May) and San Francisco, California (June - August)
  • I believe that an initial consultation is the best way to determine whether there is a good fit between us
  • If I agree to work with you after our initial consultation, I will be committed to assist you until you gain admission

End-to-end service, at competitive hourly rates


  • Most of my clients use Comprehensive Counseling
  • It is the most flexible and most effective service I offer
  • You are in charge of your time, and tell me how much time to spend on each task
  • If I feel that you should shift your focus to certain essays, recommendation letter questions or interview strategies, I will tell you
  • We share one goal - to get you interviewed and admitted in the most efficient and effective way possible

With Comprehensive Counseling, I can help you:




  • Determine your relative strengths and weaknesses compared to past applicants
  • Read between the lines to determine why admissions officers ask particular questions
  • Guide you step-by-step towards success using time-tested methods & customized creativity
  • Research the current admissions environment at your target schools
  • Provide an objective view of your materials, as adcoms are likely to view them
  • Pull out your best performance, like a personal fitness trainer, or athletic coach
  • Reflect industry trends into your goals and accomplishments to convince non-expert readers
  • Structure stories so outsiders can understand the cultural context of your achievements
  • Motivate you to keep pace with an ambitious but realistic application schedule

Comprehensive Counseling can cover


  • Stage 1: Free initial consultation to determine whether we should work together
  • Stage 2: Resume: 1-3 hours
  • Stage 3: School selection and strategy: 0-3 hours
  • Stage 4: Essays, first school: 3-10 hours
  • Stage 5: Recommendations: 1-4 hours for 2-3 recommendations (0-1 hour for each additional school)
  • Stage 6: Essays, subsequent schools: .25-8 hours per school
  • Stage 7: Interview practice: 2-10 hours in total (English ability and interview skills vary widely)
  • Stage 8: Assistance with administrative issues (application data forms, waitlist letters): 0-1 hour per school


  • My service is designed to maximize your results through a holistic approach to the admissions process
  • The total number of hours you will need is something we can discuss in our initial consultation
  • The first application takes the longest, usually 10 hours or more
  • Most clients start with a 10-hour package

Here are some numbers to give you a sense of client usage patterns

  • Average hours of counseling service hours purchased per comprehensive client: 11 (range 3 to 57)
  • Average number of hours Vince spends per client on his or her FIRST application (including interview training): 6.5 (range 4 to 15)
  • Average number of hours Vince spends per client on his or her SECOND application (including interview training): 3 (range 1 to 10)

Here are some past utilization patterns for MBA clients

Please note: details have been removed to protect client privacy

4 hours

  • American client
  • Applied to four top MBA programs; admitted to three
  • Needed help selecting programs, brainstorming goals, and preparing for interviews

5 hours

  • Indian client who earned a bachelors degree at a top US university
  • Applied to two top “dream” schools; admitted to both
  • Needed help brainstorming goals, balancing essay topics, and preparing for interviews

6 hours

  • American client
  • Applied and admitted to one top “dream” school
  • Needed help brainstorming and organizing essays, and deciding which recommenders to select

7 hours

  • European re-applicant
  • Limited English and overseas work experience
  • Applied to one top school with my help, then used those materials to gain admission to a second program
  • Required support to brainstorm goals, select essay topics, planning and executing application strategy

10 hours

  • American client
  • Applied and admitted to two top European MBA programs
  • Required assistance brainstorming goals, balancing essay topics, selecting recommenders, and preparing for interviews

10 hours

  • American client
  • Applied to nine programs, including several Consortium schools; admitted to five
  • Sought my help selecting schools, brainstorming goals, balancing essay topics, and preparing for interviews

13 hours

  • American client
  • Applied to six top MBA programs; accepted by three
  • Sought help brainstorming goals, selecting essay topics, editing final drafts, and preparing for interviews

15 hours

  • American client
  • Applied to ten graduate and MBA programs; accepted by six
  • Sought help brainstorming goals, selecting essay topics, planning campus visits, completing application data forms, and preparing for interviews

22 hours

  • Korean client with advanced spoken English and extensive overseas experience
  • Applied to seven top MBA programs, admitted to two, including “dream” school
  • Sought help brainstorming goals, selecting essay topics, planning campus visits, and preparing for interviews


I promise to provide the best advice I can to suit your specific needs and budget

  • Clients pre-pay before services are rendered
    • ​All payments are made to Agos Japan (I will provide you with information once we agree to work together)
  • I work with a limited number of clients in order to guarantee my availability
  • Once I commit to working with you, I do so for the entire admissions season
  • If you need to buy additional hours beyond the initial package, I guarantee my availability
  • Please complete my intake form if you want to work with me

How to secure Vince's time

My days off change week to week, depending on client deadlines, family commitments, and travel. If you contact me just before my day off, I may be delayed in replying. Please plan accordingly. I apologize for any inconvenience.


Scheduling Skype/telephone, email, and document review sessions

  • Clients may set up Skype/telephone, email, and document review sessions as needed
  • If necessary, requests to reschedule appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the originally scheduled appointment time
  • Rescheduling requests made less than 24 hours prior to an appointment will be granted at Vince's discretion

Skype/telephone, email, and document review sessions typically available

  • Mon, Tue from 11:00 – 13:00 JST
  • Tue from 19:30 – 22:30 JST
  • Sun from 17:30 – 22:30 JST



  • I handle work requests in the order received, and try to return files within 48 hours
    • I cannot promise 48 hour turnaround for materials sent just before or during my scheduled days off
    • If it will take longer than two working days after my work week resumes, I will let you know
    • I also prioritize tasks according to deadlines, which means that I sometimes ask clients to wait a little while for me to check something that is not due for several weeks if another client needs something checked that is due within a few days


  • Please combine all application materials into a single document
  • I want to spend our time together reading and reflecting on your ideas, not managing multiple files across various devices (home, work PC, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Therefore, I humbly request that you combine ALL CONTENTS into a single Google Drive (preferred) or MS Word file
    • For each school, please combine all documents, including your resume/CV, essays (including questions and word counts), application data form short answer questions, letters of recommendation, etc. into a single Google Drive (preferred) or MS Word file
    • I prefer Google Drive to Microsoft Word because it is
      • Synchronized - Google Drive syncs with your computer and all mobile devices
      • Efficient - saves time since we no longer need to download, "save as" a new version, and upload Microsoft Word files across multiple devices
      • Always up to date - minimizes the chance that either of us will misplace a file, leave the latest copy on another computer, or review an old version instead of the latest update
      • Accessible - all your files become available on the web (but you control who can view them)
      • Mobile - using the Google Drive mobile application, you can read, comment upon and edit your files from your smartphone or tablet
      • Helpful - Google automatically messages both of us when comments have been replied to and/or open issues have been resolved
  • For presentation essays, please send me PowerPoint files
  • Only send me PDFs, screen shots, or HTML files if you don’t expect me to make written comments
  • Final note - I encourage you to follow Stanford GSB's formatting guidelines:
    • Use a 12-point font, double spaced (Vince says, 1.5 spacing OK:)
    • Recommended fonts are Arial, Courier, and Times New Roman
    • Indicate which essay question you are answering at the beginning of each essay
    • Number all pages
  • Session Recording
    • I encourage clients to record sessions
    • If we are meeting face-to-face, please bring an audio recorder (smart phone, IC recorder, etc.)
    • If we are talking via Skype, please record on your side, as you like

Below, I have pasted two commonly asked questions from my FAQ page

I hope they help you understand a bit more about my counseling methods

I also encourage you to watch these YouTube videos


What is your process for completing essays, recommendations and application data forms?

VINCE: These are the tasks most clients complete for a typical school:

  1. Goals / why MBA essay
  2. Leadership / accomplishments essay
  3. Failure / mistake / setbacks essay
  4. Contribution / personality essay
  5. Letters of recommendation
  6. Application data forms
  7. Interview preparation

Every time you need to write an essay, recommendation letter or application data form short answer, you should follow my five suggested steps to writing winning essays that get results:

  1. Brainstorm (list and discuss ideas and options with Vince)
  2. Outline (list your main ideas and supporting details)
  3. Draft (turn your outline into complete sentences and paragraphs)
  4. Revise (add words to make the story clear and interesting (explain what happened, add details)
  5. Edit for concision (cut words to meet the word limit)

We edit LAST. I suggest you start cutting words one or two weeks before the deadline. Here is my best advice about how to cut words from your essays

I can help you edit as needed. I am fast and effective

Regardless of my editing, your essay will only get results if the story makes sense and contains interesting details and, most importantly, your authentic voice

Here are some patterns for how the process might work:

  1. Brainstorm new essay, recommendation, or application data form short answer topic with Vince (face to face or via phone/Skype)
  2. Outline your essay (quick notes in bullet or list form, as you like). My best outlining tips are here
  3. Upload your outline to Google Docs or send it to Vince as an MS Word file (please be sure to add your initials to the file name)
  4. Tell Vince your outline is ready for his quick review
  5. Vince will insert comments in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
  6. If my suggested text is correct, please re-write my ALL CAPITAL LETTERS into normal text, using your own words
  7. We can discuss any issues during our next session
  8. If your logic is clear, Vince will encourage you to write your full essay draft (as you write, you can delete Vince's comments as you fix each issue)
  9. Send Vince your full essay draft
  10. Vince will add more comments before our next face-to-face or telephone / Skype session
  11. The process continues until you have fully explained your story
  12. After all contents are explained in logical, detailed English, you and Vince begin editing your essay draft until it fits within the word limit


APPLICANT:How long will it take me to finish my first application?

VINCE: It can take anywhere from one to three months to finish the entire application for your first school. How much time you need usually depends on four factors:

1. How deeply you have thought about why you need an MBA

  • Can you articulate your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you know what kind of job you want right after MBA, otherwise known as your short-term goal?
  • Do you have a clear and convincing long-term career vision?

2. How quickly you outline and write essays

  • Do you have to write in your native language first? Can you make logical outlines?

3. How much time you can spend thinking and writing

  • Are you especially busy at your job?
  • Are you still studying for tests?

4. How well you work with various mentors, advisors and stakeholders

  • Can you send Vince regular updates?
  • Can you balance the input of senior colleagues, mentors, friends and family as you find your own voice to best answer each essay question?

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  • Step one: please contact me using this online form
  • Step two: if I have capacity and feel that I can help you, we can arrange a meeting or call (phone, Skype, Google Talk, etc.)
  • During the meeting or call, I can answer questions about my service and we can discuss the possibility of working together

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