Commitments and Methods


  • Help you achieve maximum potential for success in this process

  • Commit to your success and do everything in my power to help you attain your goals

  • Offer depth and breadth of proprietary resources and methodologies

  • Remain flexible and responsive

  • Open as many session hours as I can, shown here and updated on a monthly basis

  • Remain happy and healthy near deadlines by kindly requesting that our calls be voice-only during peak periods


Manage your schedule

  • I apologize that I cannot meet clients every day and that I need to take off some weekends for pre-existing commitments

  • It is therefore incumbent on you to manage your schedule and plan ahead

  • Book my schedule, which fills on a first-come, first-served basis

  • Understand and abide by my cancellation policy ➢ If necessary, requests to reschedule appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the originally scheduled appointment time. Rescheduling requests made less than 24 hours prior to an appointment will be granted at Vince's discretion

Manage your content

  • Register for online applications and gather and share short answer questions, essay questions, and all other strategic issues related to your written application

  • Organize and share written application materials in Google Docs, as explained here

  • Give Vince at least 24 hours to review your updates before we meet

  • If you cannot share materials in advance, then please kindly understand that Vince will need to spend the first 10 plus minutes of the session reading and gathering his thoughts before we speak