Mock Interviews

School Specific Interview Prep

Since 2002, I have helped nearly 500 applicants get admitted to their dream schools. If we agree to work together, I will help you with:

Original Curriculum

Mock Interviews

School-specific small-group interview seminars

  • Beyond my website and YouTube channel, I have extensive data that I will only share with you once we start working together

  • Each interview is school specific. I do not believe in general-purpose mock interviews

  • If you are my comprehensive or interview-only client, you can join school-specific small-group interview seminars that I organize for those invited to interview with HBS, Wharton, LBS, Stanford (MBA and MSx), MIT (Sloan Fellows and two-year MBA)

  • I have two e-books, one about my Mirror Method and one about my 16 Stories method for behavioral interview questions

  • As a professional stage actor and improvisor who has met most of the admissions directors at your target schools, I am always try to role play them at our interview

  • Those seminars are limited to no-more than six (6) participants at each seminar; first priority is given to comprehensive clients

  • Once we start working together, I will share the appropriate materials at the appropriate time

  • Also, since I have been doing this work since 2002, I may even know your alumni interviewer, so I can try to role-play them, as well

  • You may join as many seminars as you get invited to interview with; in other words, if you apply to HBS, Stanford, MIT, LBS, and Wharton and are invited to interview with each school, you may attend all five seminars

What will happen in our mock interview?

  • I focus on asking relevant questions

  • Follow-up questions are just as important as initial questions

  • I like to provide at least two rounds of feedback during our sixty minute session

What should I share with Vince before the mock interview?

If you interview will be "blind," then I only need your resume. If your interview will be application-based (HBS, MIT), then please send me the PDF you received when you applied, or as much of your application as you can share.

When is Vince available?

  • I try to be transparent and proactive to keep clients aware of my black-out periods here on my website

  • We can discuss these issues during an initial consultation

  • Thank you, in advance, for your kind understanding


What is the price of mock interview training with Vince?

For those in Japan (via domestic bank transfer and subject to 10% consumption tax)

  • 44,000 JPY for one hour (including 10% consumption tax)

  • 176,000 JPY for five hours (including 10% consumption tax)

  • 35,200 JPY for additional hours for those who purchase five hours initially (including 10% consumption tax)

For those outside Japan (via PayPal, including 5% PayPal fee)

Can I join a School-Specific Interview Seminar once I am invited to interview with that school?


Can I purchase additional mock interviews after the initial sessions?


Does Vince still offer school-specific small-group interview seminars?

We have scheduled our popular HBS interview seminar. Please find the details below and use my contact form to sign up.


How many school-specific small-group interview seminars can I attend?

  • You may attend each seminar if you have been invited to interview with each school

Will other applicants also be there with me at my school-specific small-group interview seminar?

  • Vince's school-specific small group interview seminar are exclusively offered to two types of applicants

  • First priority is given to Vince comprehensive consulting clients who pay a flat-fee to access Vince for 12-months

  • If space remains, the school-specific small-group interview seminars can be attended by Vince's interview-only package clients

  • Each seminar is limited to more more than six (6) attendees

  • If you are Vince's interview-only client, please contact Vince as soon as you get invited to interview with that school

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