Vince Birthday Update

Hello, Family and Friends!

I hope you are well. Here's an update on what Team Tokyo has been doing in 2023 and a preview of what we expect in 2024. 

Since my last update, our 18-year-old Luca has applied to 14 colleges. So far, he has received one offer from Lewis and Clark in Portland. Thank you, Oregon! He will receive other results in the coming months. Fingers crossed.

Mari is keeping busy with family, school, and friend activities. As you may know, we built our house with her mom, Kazuko, who we call "Bacci" because a younger Luca thought that was how to say "oba-chan." Bacci turned 82 on 18 January. She keeps threatening to retire, but we don't believe her. 

My folks are hanging in there. Papa Vince struggles with the effects of PSP but continues to share warmth and humor in everything he does. In December, he became an Emeritus Board Member of the Exploratorium after 40 years of service. He is truly an inspiration. 

Nona Jean stays active with her Buddhist Sangha and continues to remember everyone's birthday, especially her grandkids. It has been amazing to see how she has been able to care for Dad as he deals with everything. I hope to give her a break once I can be in California more often. I am especially excited to spend more time with my big sister Laura and my nieces Stella, Talia, and Ann Marie. 

By the way, after many decades in the family, my folks need to simplify life and are willing to rent or sell their St. Helena property. If you know anyone who is interested, please share this informational website and ask them to get in touch.  

In 2023, I spent almost nine months in the States, which allowed me to see many Clark relatives and attend a Stanford Improvisors Reunion. In May, I helped organize a multi-class reunion for The Acalanes classes of 1980-1990 before heading east to visit friends and tour colleges.  

Once Mari and Luca arrived in June, we attended a Ricci Family Reunion in July. The next one will take place in July 2026. The torch has been passed to my generation – and we accept!

Perhaps the best part of 2023 was that it enabled me to return to teaching improv. While assisting with her online Stanford Continuing Studies course, Patricia and Ron graciously hosted me in Half Moon Bay for most of the winter and part of the spring. They are simply the best!

Most recently, Applied Improvisation Magazine published an article I wrote about how improv skills can help one pass an admissions or job interview. If Stanford Continuing Studies accepts my proposal, I will teach an improv course there in the fall. 

As many folks already know, improv helps build teams in businesses, not-for-profits, and schools, and I am available online and in person if someone wants an improv workshop for their group. 

Since 2002, I have supported college students and working professionals with graduate school applications. I have also expanded my scope of admission guidance to include high schoolers applying to college. Helping young people discover and share their best stories keeps life interesting and makes me hopeful about the future. 

I'll be in the Bay Area from late June. Luca and Mari will join me once Luca says goodbye to friends and gets packed up and ready to start college in the States. The adventure continues!

Wishing you love and laughter in 2024 and beyond,

Vince, Mari and Luca