Navigate the Interview's Final Question

Make a Lasting Impression

As you sit across from your interviewer, impressing them might seem almost complete. You've answered their questions confidently, discussed your strengths and areas for development, and showcased your enthusiasm for the school and MBA program. As you wrap up the conversation, the interviewer poses the closing query: "Is there anything you would like to talk about?" 

This question, seemingly innocuous, offers a final opportunity to leave a lasting positive impression and showcase your fit for the program. Your response to this query can make a significant difference in how the interviewer perceives you. To make the most of this moment, consider three strategic approaches.

Strategy 1: "You know me well. Reaffirm Fit"

In this strategy, your response should emphasize confidence in your candidacy and strong alignment with the school. You can say something like this: "Nothing immediately comes to mind. We had the opportunity to discuss my strengths and areas for development. Still, I'd like to re-emphasize how much I've grown due to the process, and I am confident that this school will be an excellent fit for me.

Strategy 2: "Add the Missing Puzzle Piece"

When using this strategy, you should focus on addressing something the interviewer still needs to ask or expanding on a topic that needs further clarification: "Yes, I plan to contribute in class, outside of class, or as a member of the alumni community.

Strategy 3: "Answer the Question with a Question" 

Give yourself one last chance to address any issue in your application. You can respond with a question, such as: "Is there anything else I can further address?"

In conclusion, how you respond to the interviewer's final question can leave a powerful impression and influence their perception of your candidacy. Each strategy has its place, and you should choose the one that best fits your situation. However, remember that you will know which strategy to employ once you're in the actual interview. So, practice answering this question in every mock interview to ensure you're prepared to make the best impression when the time comes.


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