Is there anything else you would like me to know?

How to end your MBA admissions interview

Before asking if you have any questions for her, your interview might say, "Is there anything you would like to talk about?"

How should you respond?


• How can you finish the interview on a high note and leave a lasting positive impression on the interviewer?


Strategy 1. "I belive you have gotten to know me well." Reaffirm fit and "close the sale" by showing passion for this school.

Strategy 2. Add the missing puzzle piece

Strategy 3. Answer the question with a question

Strategy 1. You know me well. Reaffirm fit.


Is there anything you would like to talk about?


"Nothing immediately comes to mind. We had the opportunity to discuss my strengths and areas for development. Still, I’d like to re-emphasize how much I’ve grown as a result of the process and I feel confident that this school will be a great fit for me."


• Works best when you feel confident you have touched on every aspect of your candidacy and feel the need to re-emphasize the characteristics you possess that make you a great fit for this program

• Re-convey your enthusiasm and excitement for the school and the MBA program

Caveat: Don't tell Rod Garcia “MIT is my number one choice.”

• In a recent interview, Rod said, "I have been burned by this line in the past, and I find that the people who say it are most often not coming here. Even if you are sincere, don’t say it! I am just speaking for MIT, but sometimes I’ll be in the middle of an interview that is going really well, and then I hear that. I know what to do with that data!"

Solution: show, don't tell

• Passion is shown by action (time spent confirming your online research by meeting alumni and students)

• Do your homework (talk to current students and recent graduates)

• Use only / best logic

• Only MIT offers ...

• Professor A

special program B

student club or activity C best prepares me to RESTATE POST-MBA GOAL because...

Strategy 2. Add the missing puzzle piece


Is there anything you would like to talk about?


Yes, I would like to mention how I plan to contribute in class / outside class / as a member of the alumni community


• Works best when you need to explain a weakness or emphasize something the interviewer has not asked

Metaphor: missing puzzle piece or encore at the end of a pop music concert

The audience would feel unsatisfied if they left without hearing you sing your #1 hit

• Example: A client was never asked, "Why Cornell Johnson?"

Caveat1 : Don't use this opportunity to give another long example

• Don't just repeat some unused story from one of your admissions essays

• If you have already covered key topics like leadership and teamwork, why tell another story?

• If your interview had doubts about your leadership or teamwork, she would ask!

Caveat 2: Never bring up a weakness or negative factor that the interviewer does not know about (ex. alumni interviewers from US schools don't know your GPA, GMAT, etc.)

Good example: Instead, you might mention how you plan to improve your quant skills and/or English communication before the program

Bottom line: you need to use your judgment to decide what needs to be said in that moment

A big part of leadership involves making difficult decisions with limited information

Strategy 3. Answer the question with a question

The "Beth Flye"


Is there anything you would like to talk about?


Is there anything else I can further address?


• Best used if you feel confident the interviewer feels your fit and understands your candidacy

• Be proactive - give yourself one last chance to address an issue in your application

• Better than asking about next steps, procedural questions (Don't ask, "When will I get my admit letter?")


Which one best fits your situation? You won't know until the real interview

For now, practice answering this question in every mock interview session

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