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  • I have taught people how to find and tell their story on paper, in person, and on camera since 1990
  • Since 2002, I have helped hundreds of applicants get admitted to the world's top graduate programs
  • Over the years, I have also helped families navigate the college admissions process
  • Beyond helping people get admitted, I enjoy helping them succeed during and after completing their studies
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Thank you for your interest, and best wishes for your success!

...and who might you be?

  • I am a designer thinking of applying to Stanford and/or MIT IDM


  • I am working in industry and think I would like to study business and design


  • I am planning to apply to graduate school in the coming 12 to 18 months
  • I am am planning to apply to graduate school in more than 18 months

  • I am considering pursuing a two-year MBA starting in 2022 or later
  • I am considering pursuing a one-year or mid-career MBA


  • I am considering applying to Harvard Kennedy School or another top public policy program


  • I have already earned a masters degree and I wish to advance in my career


  • I am a middle school student interested in speaking more confidently in video discussions for my school's distance learning program
  • I am the parent of a middle schooler who wants to help their child develop confidence on camera


  • I am a high school student who plans to apply to a competitive, four-year university in the US or UK
  • I am the parent of a high school student who wants to help my child get admitted to the best schools possible