College Admissions

You don't need me to tell you how hard it is to get admitted to a top college. While I know we cannot ignore the numbers, we overcome them by finding and telling our best stories.

I have been helping people find and express their authentic voice for 30 years. I was an award-winning middle and high school teacher. The MBA and law school applicants I have helped since 2002 have convinced me that my story coaching methods work with any age group.

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I try to meet students and parents together, at least at the first appointment.

I like to clarify what I can and cannot do for you. I explain the process of applying for college, the time frames, costs, and expectations from the colleges and myself.

I tell parents and students that I will be corresponding with both by cc’ing parents on emails.

I also explain that the student is my main concern and that I will be working with her/him to find the best college matches.

To support student individuation, I offer personality, ability, and other tests to show both students and parents why a particular school or major might be best.

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