Mock Interviews

School Specific Interview Prep

for 20 Highly Vetted Applicants

Coming 4/1/2020

Since 2002, I have been one of the world's most in-demand and successful graduate admissions consultants

  • My service (hosted at and owned by CityStages LLC) reflects 30 years of professional experience in teaching critical thinking, improvisational theatre, storytelling, and instructional design
  • I help clients around the world get admitted to MBA programs at HBS, Stanford, Columbia, INSEAD, MIT, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Wharton, LBS, and other top programs
  • I have also helped clients get admitted to public policy programs at Harvard Kennedy School and other leading programs
  • On the law side, I have helped clients get admitted to LLM programs at Stanford, Berkeley, UPenn, Columbia and others
  • Perhaps my favorite clients are those pursuing design degrees; I helped the first Japanese admitted to Stanford and MIT IDM
  • I have helped clients get admitted to other top programs including the prestigious Masters in Design program at Chicago's IIT Institute of Design
  • If you are interested in design programs, please contact me. I am happy to refer former clients who secured admissions offers to these programs with my assistance
  • Overall, I aim to provide the world's best graduate-school admissions support to a select handpicked group of global leaders
  • I also help a select handful of former clients engage stakeholders and advance their careers by preparing for TED Talks & funding pitches
  • Please, contact me to learn more

Why must I purchase two mock interview sessions to work with Vince?

  • Since I want you to be over-prepared for your real interview, I will be tough at our first mock interview
  • I will give you "homework" and areas to work on between our sessions
  • I want to see your improvement at our second mock interview

What other services are included in this interview-only package?

Since 2002, I have helped nearly 500 applicants get admitted to their dream schools. If we agree to work together, I will help you:

Original Curriculum

Mock Interviews

School-specific small-group interview seminars

  • Beyond my website and YouTube channel, I have extensive data that I will only share with you once we start working together
  • Each interview is school specific. I do not believe in general-purpose mock interviews
  • If you are my comprehensive or interview-only client, you can join school-specific small-group interview seminars that I organize for those invited to interview with HBS, Wharton, LBS, Stanford (MBA and MSx), MIT (Sloan Fellows and two-year MBA)
  • I am also developing a proprietary web-based application that will be ready for a select group of beta testers in 2020
  • As a professional stage actor and improvisor who has met most of the admissions directors at your target schools, I am always try to role play them at our interview
  • Those seminars are limited to no-more than six (6) participants at each seminar; first priority is given to comprehensive clients
  • Once we start working together, I will share the appropriate materials at the appropriate time
  • Also, since I have been doing this work since 2002, I may even know your alumni interviewer, so I can try to role-play them, as well
  • You may join as many seminar as you get invited to interview with; in other words, if you apply to HBS, Stanford, MIT, LBS, and Wharton and are invited to interview with each school, you may attend all five seminars

What will happen in our mock interview?

What should I share with Vince before the mock interview?

How can I join one of the school-specific small-group interview seminar?

  • Stage 1: Initial 15-minute consultation to determine whether we should work together
  • Stage 2: Resume: 1-3 hours
  • Stage 3: School selection and strategy: 1-3 hours
  • Stage 4: Essays, first school: 3-30 hours
  • Stage 5: Recommendations: 1-4 hours for 2-3 recommendations (0-1 hour for each additional school)
  • Stage 6: Essays, subsequent schools: 2-20 hours per school
  • Stage 7: Interview practice: 2-20 hours
  • Stage 8: Assistance with administrative issues (application data forms, waitlist letters): 0-1 hour per school

How many school-specific small-group interview seminars can I attend?

  • You may attend each seminar if you have been invited to interview with each school

Will other applicants also be there with me at my school-specific small-group interview seminar?

  • Vince's school-specific small group interview seminar are exclusively offered to two types of applicants
  • First priority is given to Vince comprehensive consulting clients who pay a flat-fee to access Vince for 12-months
  • If space remains, the school-specific small-group interview seminars can be attended by Vince's interview-only package clients
  • Each seminar is limited to more more than six (6) attendees
  • If you are Vince's interview-only client, please contact student @ agos dot co dot jp as soon as you get invited to interview with that school

Can I purchase additional mock interview sessions with Vince once we have completed the two (2) mock interviews included in Vince's interview-only package

  • Yes, according to Vince's availability
  • Please discuss this issue with Vince at one of your mock interview sessions

When is Vince available?

  • I try to be transparent and proactive to keep clients aware of my black-out periods here on my website
  • We can discuss these issues during an initial consultation
  • Thank you, in advance, for your kind understanding
  • While in Tokyo, I tend to take off Mon/Tue
  • While traveling, my days off change depending on conference dates and other commitments
  • I am usually based in Tokyo, Japan from September—May and the San Francisco Bay Area, California from June—August. In 2020, we cut our California visit short because we want to attend some Tokyo2020 Olympic events. In 2020, I am also taking some personal time in May. We can discuss the details and make a plan that meets your needs during one of our sessions.
  • NOTE: My availability subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances
  • If you need to change a regular weekly meeting, Vince can work offline on written application materials during the session
  • If Vince needs to change a regular weekly meeting, we will reschedule our weekly meeting to a mutually convenient time
  • For more information, please see

Am I ready to work with Vince?

  • Because it can often take longer to secure scores than you think, I only work with students who have secured competitive scores
  • I am flexible about GMAT – you need only secure a 660 (or GRE equivalent) before working with me comprehensively. I understand that scores improve with time, and I have helped multiple clients who did not have 700 GMAT get admitted to HBS and other top schools. It does not happen often, but it does happen. I always love helping someone beat the odds!
  • For TOEFL/IELTS, however, I need to be a bit more strict because experience has shown that I sometimes struggle to communicate with those whose listening and speaking skills are below 101 TOEFL or 7.0 IELTS. Please do not take this as any form of a judgment. I am studying Japanese actively and wish I could secure JLPT 2. Someday. Meanwhile, please keep working hard to master your English communication skills and let me know when you have secure the scores you need. I will always do my best to keep some space open to help high-potential candidates who wish to work with me
  • If you meet the above conditions, please contact me using this online form
  • If I have capacity and feel that I can help you, we can arrange a meeting or call
  • I can answer questions about my service and we can discuss the possibility of working together

What should I share with Vince before the mock interview?