Should my career goals essay be creative?

Clients sometimes ask me if their "Why MBA" (goals) essays should be creative. I say, no. Save your creativity for personal or contribution essays. Display your storytelling skills in your leadership essay by including rich details and multidimensional characters.

Goals = Rice

I like food metaphors. If your application essays are a Japanese meal, then your goals essay is the rice. No sushi chef gets three Michelin stars for the rice that holds up his succulent scallop. On the other hand, rice that tastes bad, overcooked, or underdone could end a cooking career. Readers outside Japan can substitute bread, potatoes or pasta - your starch of choice. Would you pay $10 for a gourmet hamburger that was served on a stale bun?

Bottom line: Great goals do not get you admitted, but unrealistic or unambitious goals can kill your application.

Make your "Why MBA" story functional. Use it to establish your credibility.

At the end of the day, admissions committees will admit you based on what you have already accomplished in the past, not on what you say you will do in the future. After all, past behavior is usually the best predictor of future potential.

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