• I have been a professional writing teacher since 1989
  • As a published author and award winning essay writer, I understand how to convey convincing messages on paper
  • My personal admissions results demonstrate the power of my application strategies. When I applied to college, I was admitted to every school, including Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Princeton, Yale, and UC Berkeley (with a full scholarship)
  • I continued that 100% success rate by being accepted by Harvard, Columbia, Northwestern and NYU when I applied for my education master's degree
  • In addition, I leverage my artistic background as a professional musician and actor to help my clients tell stories that will capture and hold an audience's attention
  • If you are willing to work hard, I might be able to help you find and express your individual voice and unique story to get noticed in a crowded field of highly competitive applicants
  • Please complete this intake form if you would like to discuss the possibility of working together
  • Please note that I have limited availability and cannot always guarantee an initial consultation


As a bit of a cheap bastard and control freak, I manage this website alone.

Thus, I do not always have time to update it as I would like.

Information is subject to change. Please, verify all data with the schools.



  • Since 2002, I have been one of the world's most in-demand and successful graduate admissions consultants
  • My service (hosted at VincePrep.com and owned by CityStages LLC) reflects 30 years of professional experience in teaching critical thinking, improvisational theatre, storytelling, and instructional design
  • I help clients around the world get admitted to MBA programs at HBS, Stanford, Columbia, INSEAD, MIT, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Wharton, LBS, and other top programs
  • I have also helped clients get admitted to public policy programs at Harvard Kennedy School and other leading programs
  • On the law side, I have helped clients get admitted to LLM programs at Stanford, Berkeley, UPenn, Columbia and others
  • Perhaps my favorite clients are those pursuing design degrees; I helped the first Japanese admitted to Stanford d.school and MIT IDM
  • I have helped clients get admitted to other top programs including the prestigious Masters in Design program at Chicago's IIT Institute of Design
  • If you are interested in design programs, please contact me. I am happy to refer former clients who secured admissions offers to these programs with my assistance
  • Overall, I aim to provide the world's best graduate-school admissions support to a select handpicked group of global leaders
  • I also help a select handful of former clients engage stakeholders and advance their careers by preparing for TED Talks & funding pitches
  • Please, contact me to learn more

Comprehensive Consulting

  • Question behind the Question analysis
  • Story brainstorming and selection
  • Story design and framing
  • Story editing (as needed)
  • Please watch the below video to understand better how I work comprehensively with applicants to the MBA programs at Harvard and/or Stanford
  • The same core method applies to any top graduate school that has a written application
  • And just for the record, and I am NOT a snob about where you apply, nor am I promoting the MBA degree in general
  • I have helped people get into top policy, design, and law programs around the world
  • If you want me help and I think I can help you and I have capacity, I will help you apply anywhere you feel you can fit in and make a lasting contribution
  • Price: 44,000 JPY per 60 minutes; 3-hour minimum; services delivered in 15-minute increments
  • Note: my rates will increase on 1 Apr 2020; I will post new rates within 2019

Interview Coaching

  • Price: 44,000 JPY per 60 minutes; 3-hour minimum
  • Note: my rates will increase on 1 Apr 2020; I will post new rates within 2019
  • Please visit this page for details https://www.vinceprep.com/interviews