London Business School (LBS) MBA

Information is subject to change. Please verify all data with the schools.

(~13% accepted; yield unknown)

also known as

  • The MBA at London Business School
    • LBS
      • Vince note: the school no longer refers to itself as "LBS"
      • Therefore, in your essays, refer to it as "London Business School" the first time, then simply "London"

Who is the MBA designed for?

The London Business School MBA is designed for those looking to take their career to the next level. Choose our MBA if you're seeking:

  • a rapid promotion in your chosen career
  • a change of career, industry or both
  • the tools to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The reasons for doing an MBA are many and varied, but whatever your motivation and goals, you should be:

  • experienced
  • intellectually capable
  • determined and ambitious
  • culturally aware
  • someone with leadership potential.