College Admissions Expert Bill Short will visit Tokyo on 18 Nov 2023!

When: Saturday 18 Nov from 14:00-16:00

Where: Aoyama Allamanda Work Court (details below)

Audience: Parents considering sending their children to the US for college in 2025 or later. 

青山アラマンダワークコート (Aoyama Allamanda Work Court)

3F Praseo Aoyama Building , 2-7-13 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


TEL: 03-6271-1515 

1-2 min walk from Exit 2a of Gaienmae Station

Google Maps 

Take the Ginza Line to Gaienmae Station (G03)

Use exit 2a (not 2b, which heads to Jingu Stadium 🏟️)

Turn left on Aoyama Dori, AKA 246 (major road)

Head slightly uphill (due east). Allamanda is the 2nd bldg on the left

Allamanda is the name of the entire building, which includes a hotel, restaurants, and offices. 

Aoyama Allamanda Work Court is under different management than the hotel. 

Please do not use the hotel elevator. 

Instead, pass that elevator on your left and go to the back of the building.

Look for this sign 

Take the elevator to the third-floor receptionist

Our meeting room (number 4/5) is on the fourth floor

Vince will meet you on the 3F and let you into room 4/5 with a card key

If you are late, please ask the receptionist to show you to room 4/5 on the fourth floor.

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