Wharton Team-based Discussion (Group Interview) Prep 

Wharton’s interview process is unique in that it centers around a group discussion. In an effort to help you prepare for this format, we offer group interview practice sessions conducted in a secure, online format to give you a chance to simulate the interview environment.

Taking part in our practice session allows you to:

After the session, we will offer you detailed feedback, highlighting our assessment of the following:

The cost of the group session is 35,000 JPY per person. Please note that space is limited.

If you also want to have a 60-minute follow-up session with Vince, you can pay 73,000 JPY.

All prices are subject to a 10% sales tax. 

We will conduct this session in a group of 4-6 participants over the Zoom online video platform. Having an appropriate number of applicants in the conversation makes the simulation as realistic as possible, which is important for all the participants. Given the group nature of the call (and the importance of having a full group to practice), there are no refunds if you cannot participate.

Date and time:

Before the seminar, please, kindly prepare the following:

First, watch these videos and read these tips https://www.vinceprep.com/MBA/Wharton/interview 

Second, prepare two answers to this year's team-based discussion (TBD) question, which you should have received from Wharton 

Third, prepare answers to common one-to-one interview questions like "Why MBA?",  "Why Wharton?", and "How can you contribute to Wharton?"

Fourth, prepare some questions to ask your interviewer https://www.vinceprep.com/services/interviews/question11    

NOTE: Vince will not be able to meet all of you for one-to-one interview training. Apologies in advance. 

Dear Wharton Challengers: 

Congratulations on being invited to interview with Wharton, and thank you for joining our upcoming Wharton Interview Seminar. 

Some past participants said it was helpful to simulate the team-based discussion twice because it gave them the chance to understand different ways that their group might interact as they work together to build consensus. Therefore, please, come prepared to share two proposals because we will run our team-based discussion (TBD) simulation twice. 

Depending on how the group feels after completing a full TBD simulation, we can confirm if we should spend the remaining time running another TBD or practicing answering one-to-one interview questions. 

Either way, I look forward to seeing you at the seminar.


Schedule for Vince’s Wharton TBD Seminar 

Sun 21 Feb 2021

3 PM 

Welcome and overview


Wharton TBD logistics from FAQ

3:10 PM

Practice TBD A

3:45 PM 

3:50 PM

4:30 PM