Games for Creative Living

VincePrep turned 15 in 2022

To celebrate, I am launching Games for Creative Living to help folks connect with each other and themselves

“Improv can give us confidence and wings to fly. Come and learn to play games that provide laughter and new ways of seeing the world. I have known Vince Ricci for over 30 years. He is one of the top teachers of this work/play. I recommend his workshop.” – Patricia Ryan Madson, Improv Wisdom author, founder, Stanford Improvisors (SIMPS)

The past few years have left many of us feeling a bit shaken. Playing games together in a safe space can help us reconnect with our humanity. Leaders and entrepreneurs can significantly benefit from improv skills such as spontaneity, flexibility, and social-emotional risk-taking. Taught by a coach experienced in creating a safe, comfortable environment, this class introduces

  • Presence under pressure

  • Listening and building on ideas

  • Meeting your inner critic and practicing the thinking that will foster connection

You will experiment with stretching your boundaries while you meet new people, explore improv's life lessons and have a great time.


Taking this course will help you

  1. listen deeply

  2. think on your feet

  3. be comfortable making mistakes in public

  4. realize you don't have to be extraordinary or humorous

  5. accept offers

  6. share control

  7. learn how to come to an agreement and move an idea forward

  8. present ideas with confidence and respond to unexpected questions



Names, Spontaneity, Giving and Receiving

Objectives: Get to know ourselves and each other

Description: Mindfulness


Saying Yes! No Blocking

Objectives: Accepting; Be aware, be present: Accept offers; Learn how to build on the ideas of others

Details: We will discover the necessity and power of affirmation

Yes gets you into action/into trouble


"Accept all offers."

Make STATEMENTS "Don't Ask Questions" Questions are hostile.


Cooperation – Sharing Control

Objectives: Watch your ideas be demolished

Develop a tolerance for "not having it your way."

Give up control!


You succeed if your partner has a good time. Your partner is a genius!

Make your partner look good.


Telling Stories Together – Narrative

Objectives: Start “from nothing” with two players in silence until one needs to speak. Accept offers

Start a routine. Interrupt it.


Connect the dots: THREE THINGS

Tell stories together, REINCORPORATE


Final Class – Favorite Games and Theatresports

Objectives: Play together

Reflect on the journey

Explore next steps



  • Maximum 8 participants

  • 90 mins per session x 5 sessions over five weeks 🟰 450 mins total, including

    • 7.5 hours of group work plus

    • One 30-minute one-to-one follow-up session with Vince 🟰 8 total hrs.

  • Special introductory price (will increase in 2023): 39,000 JPY (tax included), which breaks down as

    • 4,875 JPY/hr for 8 hours of instruction

    • plus a 30-minute one-to-one private coaching session (22,000 JPY value)

Please note: to protect privacy and create a safe space, this is a DEVICE-FREE gathering. No recording of any kind. Thank you!


  • Five weeks

  • Weekdays or weekends available

    • 11 am to 10 pm

  • Please get in touch to set up a custom course for your group

  • Thank you for your interest, and have a lovely day!


A graduate of Stanford (B.A. '92) and NYU (M.A. '01), Vince is a San Francisco Bay Area native based in Tokyo, Japan. While at Stanford, Vince received the Lyons Award for Service. He also served as the founding Education Director of The Stanford Improvisors under the guidance of Patricia Ryan-Madson. Utilizing his experience as an Improv teacher, Vince delivers small group lessons and corporate training modules that help adult learners develop emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills to improve group dynamics by providing face-to-face and online improv lessons.

  • Since 1992, I have taught these lessons to college students, graduate students, and working professionals

  • In 2015, delivered a corporate training retreat for 30+ executives and global leaders in Karuizawa, Japan

  • Since August 2020, I have provided regular sessions (sometimes IRL but primarily via Zoom) for groups of up to 8

  • Please get in touch if you want to learn more

  • I can customize this offering to meet your group's needs

Please, complete this intake form if you are interested in learning more. Thank you!

Please contact me to learn more

"Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will." – Baudelaire

"Ah, I got this. It's not about being funny. It's about being functional." – Class participant, 2020

I am open to renaming this course or offering alternative courses for different groups. Some ideas:

  • Games for Challengers

  • Play to Win (for entrepreneurs)

  • Everyday Spontaneity: Improvising Our Lives (credit: Patricia Ryan Madson)