Vince's #ProjectConfidence for Adults

Excited to expand this project that has been 30 years in the making. Please, scroll down to watch a video if you want to learn more about the overall vision for #MyStoryWorks. #ProjectConfidence is a baby step in that larger direction. Thank you for your interest!

“Improv can give us confidence and wings to fly. Come and learn to play games that provide laughter and new ways of seeing the world. I have known Vince Ricci for 30 years. He is one of the top teachers of this work/play. I recommend his workshop.” – Patricia Ryan Madson, Improv Wisdom author, founder, Stanford Improvisors (SIMPS)

Project Confidence: Exclusive Five-week Online Course Built Around Improvisation Techniques Developed by Stanford University Professor Patricia Ryan Madson

  • Comfort on camera is an essential skill, especially in these days of telework and distance learning. Now more than ever, we need to be fluid and self-expressive when engaging in video-based communications.
  • As a father of a 14-year-old and a former teacher of middle and high school (history and drama), I use techniques of my mentor, Patricia Ryan Madson, to help children at heart (ages 22 to 88) find and express their authentic voices.
  • We meet online once a week for one hour to build transferable skills that can help you listen better and contribute more in learning environments and daily life.
  • Together, we build storytelling skills that can keep opening doors for a lifetime.

Available days and time

Japan time


12–3 pm


12–3 pm


12–3 pm


12–3 pm


12–3 pm


  • Flexible depending on the group's needs
  • At present, I am free on from 8 pm to 11 pm Mountain Time on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays
  • The group can vote for the best time in a poll I will create and share once I have email addresses of interested folks


  • Exclusive introductory offer 155 USD for five weeks paid up front via PayPal (I will send invoices)
  • NOTE: Venmo is not available yet in Japan. If you prefer, you can mail a check to my family in California; in that case, I would share the address with you privately via email vince_at_vinceprep_dot com


  • Similar to the program for children but taught in a style that best matches adult learners
  • NOTE: I have taught these lessons to college students, graduate students, and working professionals since 2000

#1 of 5

  • Be aware, be present: Accept offers
    • Name games and icebreaker warm-ups
    • Sound ball
    • Word ball
    • Gibberish ball
    • Yes! Game to learn how to build on the ideas of others
    • Word at a time stories

#2 of 5

  • Icebreaker warm-ups
  • There's always something in the box: Give a gift
  • Narrative techniques: shared control; start anywhere: Sound Ball, Word Ball
  • Instant Story
  1. Once upon a time, there was...
  2. And every day...
  3. Until one day...
  4. Because of that...
  5. Because of that...
  6. Until finally...

#3 of 5

  • Prepare a 1–minute speech on:
    • an embarrassing moment; a truth you have learned; a joke; a travel story; a topic of your choice

#4 of 5

  • Practice one-minute stories
    • Give and receive feedback on one-minute stories

#5 of 5

  • Final performance: share stories and give each other constructive feedback, balancing praise and gentle suggestions
    • Friends or significant others welcome to observe (watch others only using Zoom audio, no video)
    • NOTE: for liability and pedagogical reasons, we are creating a safe space. Therefore, there is to be NO RECORDING nor sharing of any lessons. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and understanding. Trust means everything to me and I think I am speaking for the group when I say that :)


  1. Stage presence
  2. No blocking
  3. Good offers 
  4. Narrative abilities
  5. Listen, focus, be endowed
  6. Fun to watch and play with; look like you are enjoying yourself
  7. Attitude
  8. Gagging

Please, email me at vince at vinceprep dot com if you are interested in learning more. Thank you!