How to prepare for your second MBA admissions interview

My clients spend many hours preparing for their first interview. Natually, we all get nervous the first time. But what about subsequent interviews? How should you prepare? I hope you find these points helpful. 

Point One


  • First of all, know your interviewer. Even if you do not have her name, you should at least know under what conditions you will interview.

  • Is your interview blind, meaning your interviewer will only have access to your CV or resume?

  • Or, will your interview have access to you application data forms, essays, and letters of recommendation?

  • If the latter, remember to review your entire application. Look for possible issues or topics that might be of particular interest or concern to your interviewer

  • How can you know if your interview will be blind or application-based?

  • First, check the school's website. Many schools explain their interview process in detail

  • Second, check the web for publically available interview reports




Point Two


  • Is your GPA, TOEFL, or GMAT below the school's median?

  • Do you have limited exposure to quantitative coursework or tasks / Low GMAT quantitative score (below 65%)?

  • Do you have limited career experience? Are you younger or older than the average student admitted by this program?

  • Are your goals realistic? For example, are you planning a significant career transition without prior preparation?

  • Have you demonstrated leadership ability and potential at work and outside of work?

  • If applying to a school like INSEAD or London, do you have enough international experience?

  • Are you able to communicate well and show confidence at interviews?

  • Can you demonstrate your fit and commitment to this program?  




Point Three


  • I encourage my clients to over prepare for interviews 

  • First, you should practice common questions at home every day using my mirror method

  • Second, you should focus on school-specific questions

  • Imagine the worst-case scenario

  • What are the hardest questions the school tends to ask? (Check these interview reports)

  • If you are lucky, your interviewer will use the interview to start a conversation, rather than have a confrontation

  • Sometimes, clients tell me, "I was pleasantly surprised. I prepared for all of the tough questions I found on your website and other MBA admissions blogs. But the interviewer only asked me about my background. Wny did I make certain career choices? Why do I want an MBA now? Why do I want to attend her program." I am always happy to receive such reports

  • Just as often, however, I get contacted from someone who failed her first interview because she was not prepared for an interviewer who showed no reaction ("poker face"), challenged her answers (agressive type) or asked strange or unexpected questions

  • Bottom line: I try to provide mock interviews that are harder than the real thing

  • The alternative, in my view, is simply not professional









There are three areas you must customize for each program. They are:


  1. Why this school?

    • Can you prove your passion and fit with the program?

    • Who have you talked to?

    • What have they told you?

    • What courses and programs interest you?

    • Which professors best prepare you to achieve your goals?

    • Vince hints are here

  2. How do you plan to contribute to our unique student culture and school community?

    • What student clubs and activities do you want to join and/or lead?

    • If the school does not have a student club, conference, or special event that focuses on your particular area of interest, can you start one? How will you promote it to the wider school community?

    • Vince hints are here and here

  3. Questions for your interviewer.

    • Vince hints are here



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